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More than a 'common' Stove

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Reduce your costs Take care of the heat How will your one look like?
Reduce your costs by 75-80%.
Enjoy an open fire in the living-room and heat the rest of the house at the same time. This may sounds like a dream but…… Read more here



Kakelugnspannan has been awarded a high efficiency grade of 87%. This means that the stove is very fuel
efficient and takes the most possible energy from the wood…….Read more hear



Put your on personal touch on your unique stove! …….. Read more here







A total solution

Kakelugnspannan does not just heat up one room, but is able to heat all the rooms in your house through your existing water heating system.

When you connect the Stove to your existing water heating system, you will have a soft and comfortable heat throughout the whole house. From the basements heating floor to the radiators in the attic. If your existing heating system is producing your hot water you will get it also when you have a fire in your stove. The stove has as an option a coil so that you also can provide the house with hot water, if the existing system doesn't. The stove is delivered with an socket for an immersion heater. It can, if it's connected with an immersion heater easily secure the house with heat when you don't have the time to have a fire.






Design your own stove

  The door of the stove has three panes of ceramic glass and includes a child secured lock for your safety. Due to the design and form the fire is visible from a wide angle. If you prefer to have an open fire, the door can easily be removed. We offer your ours stove in many different styles, but if you wish to create your own design, you are free to choose any ceramic tile. This allows you to create your own unique stove. In addition, keep in mind that you can easily change tiles at anytime, if for example you choose to redecorate your living room.
As supplementary choice you can order sides to the stove for a rectangular look.

Kakelugnspannan combines the best qualities from the stove and the wood burner in one design. It is constructed in steel and fireproof stone, which makes it very stable and smoke safe. Within the stove the heat is stored in 600 litres water that surrounds the hot parts and works like an accumulator. Due to this unique design, the stove does not have a high outside temperature and can therefore be placed safely next to a wall.





The main advantages of the Stove are:

· Will heat your whole house
· Fuel efficient
· Long cool of time
· High power
· Changeable tiles
· Large Glass Door (child secure lock)
· Easy to clean
· Environmentally friendly
· Safe approved
· Socket for immersion heater
· Large hot water capacity
· Can give hot water
· An attractive piece of furniture!



Energy savings


Your house can get all of it's heat and hot water needs from the Kakelugnspannan. The average house in Sweden is 186 m², comprising of two floors who they heat up to 21 degrees, and a basement of 100 m² where they just heat up to like12-15 degrees except a warm store-room of 12 m². The basement also has an extra accumulator tank of 500 litres witch totally gives 1100 litres. The accumulator tank in the basement also contains tank of 250 litres hot water to the shower and so. The whole house needs of heat and wamr water during the fire season covers by a cost of approximately 6000 sek witch means that they uses app 20 m³ wood. Out of this they'll get an energy saving-profit of app 15000 Crowns/year.


Running costs

The heating of a house is one of the main costs for most households today. Therefore, if you can reduce your heating costs by up to 80 % this can have a very positive impact on your disposal income.

To heat your house with an energy source that is highly taxed today can tomorrow turn out to be an expensive option. How much will your electricity or oil cost you in one, three or eight years? No one knows what the future holds, but to date wood is a low taxed fuel. To purchase a Kakelugnspannan today means that the investment will pay for itself in approximately 4 years.

Price examples based on a yearly cost of 30 000 kWh (April 2004)

Electricity approximately 33000 sek when 1,10 sek/kWh
Oil approximately 27360 sek ( 80 % efficiency)
Pellets approximately price 15 720 sek ( 80 % efficiency)
Wood approximately price 6560 sek ( 87 % efficiency)

Energy contains per 1m³ fuel

1 m³ Oil= approximately 9900kWh Price about 7550kr = 0,76 sek/kWh
1 m³ Pellets= approximately 3270 kWh Price about 1420 sek = 0,43 sek/kWh
1 m³ Wood (Beech)= approximately 1645 kWh price about 300 sek = 0,18 sek/kWh




This much you can save!

Birchwood contains 1650kWh per cubic meter and costs approximately 300 sek. Since the kakelugnspanna has an efficiency of 87 % this will give you 1431 kWh of energy. Compared to electric heat the same amount of energy at a cost of 1,10 sek including energy fee, energy tax, electric certificate, transformation fee, and VAT it will cost approximately 1574 sek. This give a profit of 1274 sek piece m³ when you are using wood. If you use an electric boiler compared to a Kakelugnspanna you will reduce your heating costs by approximately 80 % and save in consumption approximately 30 000 kWh, which results in an saving of around 26 440 sek/year.




Efficiency and Burning

In the stove the burning take place in over 1000° degrees in the burning space. Thereafter the hot smoke gases passes through the long smoke gas aisles, so that the heat from the smoke gases effective can be taken care of and transferred over to the water. Due to the system the temperature of the smoke gases is very low, with an average temperature of only 140° degrees. The stove has an total effect of 19,2 kw and an efficiency of whole 87%, wich means that you taking care of most of the energy that the wood gives.


Cleaning and Sweeping

It's important for effective heating that you sweep the pipes on a regular basis to maintain a high efficiency. With just one millimetre of carbon the energy consumption increases by 5% and the smoke gas temperature increases by 50° degrees. Note however, that the Kakelugnspannan has an easy and well designed sweeping/cleaning system.


chimney-sweeping service



The stove haze a patented system. This means that all sweeping can be done from the front of the stove. This makes the job easy and minimizes the spread of carbon and ashes from the oven, since all ashes are collected in the ashtray.




Kakelugnspannan have been tested by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute
and have been environment approved and security approved. Kakelugnspannan fulfil those discharge demands as the regulation applies fore installation within population centre according to the Swedish National Live Department build regulation BBR, BFS 1993:57 by modification to t.o.m. BFS 1998:38.

Kakelugnspannan has been made according to the Department of working defence regulation collections. Department of working defence regulation collections AFS 1999:4 " Pressure carrying construction ". This law is in agreement whit the Council of Europe directive from 29 may 1997 concerning Pressure regulation directive PED 97/23/EC.




Technical information

Effect 19,2 kWh
Efficiency 87%
Outgoing smoke gas temperature middle 140° degrees

Weight 400 kg
Total weight 1050 kg
Total height 2300 mm
Width 740 mm
Water capacity 600 litre
Wood length 0-50 cm best length 33cm
Smoke gas connection 150 mm
Height to centre of smoke gas connection back 1950mm for top connection of the chimney contact us fore an drawing
The tove can use indoors or outdoors air to the fire
Distance to wall 50 mm



Adress: Kakelungspannan Vällsjövägen 1 435 43 Pixbo Sweden

Phone 004631-3383736, 35

Mobile +46708-334007 , +46705 809107


Email ( info@kakelugnspannan.com)